Rendering Wireframe Using ToonShader


Introduction :

Well, everyone knows the old method of rendering wireframes in maya through vector rendering, and rendering creased line, one set back to that was that it would tend to render each quad divided into 2 tris.. Well my major problem was with Maya 2008 64bit doesn't support vector rendering plugins. :) so i thought id try something new.. i mean there has to be another solution out there.. hunted the net for sometime.. and came across this Highend Wireframe Tutorial, but in the modelling stage the model would not have UVs so this is not an efficient enough method, so after fiddling around with the toon shader i gots it :)

Steps :

Step 1. Select all your objects and apply a toon shader outline.

Step 2. In the PFXToonShape Turn ProfileLines - Off, Border Lines - Off and Crease Lines - On.

Step 3. In the Crease Lines tab, Hard Creases Only - Off and Crease Min/Max Value to 0.

Step 4. Adjust the Crease Line Width depending on how far or near ur model is to the camera.

Step 5. Render Using Maya Software. The renders are very low cost, and don't require any uv information, and if you smooth the mesh, the toon shader will automatically update itself with the new mesh topology. :) And here is some stuff that i rendered in the same technique. This is a truck from the SWAT KATS series that i had made around Oct-Nov 2007.

Scripts :


I have made a script for this purpose called crToonWireframeRen 2.0 that lets u add the wire-frame and makes the settings that are required. What u get is a render ready version of the wire-frame on any selected meshes. It is quite helpful and can be found below, or by looking into the scripts section of this blog. scripts/maya/cr_toon_wireframe_render/

Images :

toon_wire_render_set1 toon_wire_render_set2 toon_render_set2