A useful little script that builds a Menu from any folder containing various scripts.


Current Version 1.5

  • Just Source this script, and it will show up the Scripts Menu. Should be before the Help Menu.
  • Support for two independent Home directories for scripts.
  • Now added a directory listing, so it can now scan folders inside the main folder for scripts.
  • Added Search functionality.Just type a keyword in the box and it will search through all your scripts.
  • Directories can be specified from the Preferences Panel.
  • Clicking on the menu name will Source and Run the desired script automatically.

Usage :

  1. Copy the file to default script directory (usually on ur my documents directory on windows).

  2. You only need to source the script once. The next time it should auto load.

  3. At first Run you will need to specify the directories you want to scan for scripts.

  4. Directories can be specified by clicking on the Preferences Menu Item.

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December 9, 2009
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