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A useful little script for using GammaCorrection on File Nodes.

Current Version 1.5b

Features :

  • Adds/ Removes Gamma Correction Node to Multiple Selected File Nodes.
  • Can add gamma correction node to all file nodes in scene simultaneously.
  • Now works on connected FileNodes only. Filenodes without connections are ignored.
  • Automatically Calculates the equivalent of the gamma input.
  • Can updates existing GammaCorrection nodes with a new gamma value.
  • Support for both GammaCorrect and Mip_Gamma_Gain Node (MR).
  • Can Toggle between GammaCorrect and Mip_Gamma_Gain Node if required.

Usage :

  1. Just Source this script, it should open the crGammaCorrect Window.

  2. Input the Gamma that u want to minus.

  3. Select the File Node that u want to add the gamma correction on.

  4. Select the type of gamma Shader that u want to use.

  5. Click Update Selected.

Note: When updating of deleting the Gamma Node, u can select either the file node or the gammaNode whichever is convenient :)

ChangeLog :

May 01 2010 Ver 1.5b Fixed Bug where script freaked on Maya 2011 :) Now added a toggle between Maya and Mental Ray Gamma Correction Nodes. Rebuilt some part of the script to be faster also added error checking.
Apr 19 2010 Ver 1.5 Creates a New Master Gamma Attribute on the GammaCorrect Node. Added Some error Checking so now it only applies gamma correction on connected FileNodes only. Filenodes without connections are ignored.
Apr 13 2010 Ver 1.4 Made To now work on Selected or All FileNodes in Current Scene.
Jun 07 2009 Ver 1.3 Made UI changes to support MR gamma control shader. Now supports Multiple GammNode Create or Remove.
Feb 27 2009 Ver 1.0 Created the GammaCorrect for a non-linear workflow.

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Version : 1.5b
Updated On : August 7, 2011
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