Poseidon – Spirit Lord of the Sea


A long time back greeks projected human temperament into the sea, disrespectful where their actions to the sea, but as facts state the see is neither quarrelsome nor easily angered on its own, it is just centrain facors that indirectly make the see wild. But the sea and its inhabitants live seperated from human or landlife.. and its is due to that seperation that we today have still not compelety discovered the bounds of sea life and the extents of its inhabitants.Its vast spirit lies far beyond the boundaries of human perception even though it may at times interact in limited ways with certain humans who resonate with it.

During the Greek this vast spirit was called Poseidon, n the romans called it Neptune. Both of these cultures portrayed this spirit as added to their own culturaral traits, even to the extent of dramatizing it. Such stories may be entertaining fantasies emerging from projections of Greek libido, but they are hardly relevant to the vast sea.

Extracted Information – “the blue-maned god once lay with a willing, serpent-haired goddess named Medusa on the floor of Athena’s temple and, together, conceived the winged horse, Pegasus. Pegasus, like his sire, had “water-magic” and would use it to churn up the springs of inspiration from which the Muses drank. From those magical waters would come all the arts, which is to say, all that makes us truly human, empathic, creative, humorous, and wise. Mythically speaking then, all art comes from the wild, fluid sea-god and the passionate earth-serpent goddess, making love on the floor of the human mind. ”

Poseidon is brother of Zeus and Hades, son of Kronos and Rhea, and the god of the sea. He was called Neptune by the Romans and Nun or Khnum by the Egyptians. In some accounts Kronos threw them up and they were full grown. Poseidon is considered a harsh stern god and shows his anger with earthquakes, storms, floods, hurricanes, and even tornados. The animals that are associated with Poseidon are horses on land and all ocean life. His carried the trident which is a three-prong weapon. His domains are luck, water, and strength. His main worshippers are Sailors, cavalrymen, and horse breeders. His temples are in Corinth, Rhodes, and Taenarus.

  • Poseidon, was known to drive his chariot through the waves in unquestioned dominance

  • As god of sea, Poseidon often adopted the shape of different sea creatures n horses.

  • He pounds and shakes the earth and sea with his wrath and pleasure and answers to no one, except Zeus.

  • His kingdom is the vast sea which he has populated with creatures of his own design. He rides the waves in a chariot drawn by sea creatures but, curiously enough, his most honored creation is the horse.

  • The sea and the wind rose at Poseidon’s command and with his trident, he staggered the sea and let loose the storm blasts against Odysseus and his tiny raft.