Mercedes Benz E-Class (2010)
Mercedes Benz E-Class (2010)
Batman : Tumbler
Spec 2.5 tons 9 feet 4 inches wide 15 feet long HOOSIER racetrack tires on front 4 Rear 44 inch SUPER SWAMPERS, a our wheel drive conversion…
Johnny Bravo
here is something ive wanted to do from a long time.. 🙂 had some spare time today in which i couldnt start anything else.. so here is…
Creature : Drider
Alignment : Chaotic Evil Type : Aberration Driders are aberrations that were formerly dark elves (also known as drow). Aberration is a…
Codenamed – The Tank
Codenamed – Inferno
here is something I recently have been working on.. its actually gonna be a mod.. but I thought I would get something of a normal SUV first…
Koenigsegg CCX
here is another car model that has been pending from sometime now..here is where i had last left it.. 🙂
Lamborghini Gallardo Nera
here is yet another car I was doing long time back and here is where I left it last 😛
Shelby GT500 Modded
here is again a really old model, that I really love.. it has taught me a lot about modelling cars.. and i now plan to finish it.. for…
Doodles 01
Poseidon – Spirit Lord of the Sea
A long time back greeks projected human temperament into the sea, disrespectful where their actions to the sea, but as facts state the see…
At Arms Length
CGtantra – Modelling Challenge Winner Entry