Transformers the Movie Universe

I am a huge transformers fan and used to watch the cartoons when I was a kid, and the movie took it to an all new level. This book is a guide to all the robots that were shown in the revenge of the fallen, just what I was looking for a very content rich book on Transformers. Read the review below to know more.

Dorling Kindersley

Review – Transformers Movie Universe

Transformers, the Movie Universe, covers all the characters that were introduced in the revenge of the fallen. Being a Dorling Kindersley(DK) book, it has been authored pretty much to their optimal standards. This is a 96 Page hardbound book which is majorly based on visuals and snippets of data all around the robots. The information provided is quite vital to understanding the differences between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Though being a small book, it shows each robot in its robot, vehicle and weapon modes which are all quite impressive. This makes the book quite interesting to see and read about at the same time.

The book is indexed down into sections of each robot and their modes as listed below.

1. Civil War12. Jazz
2. Tras-Scanning13. Ratchet
3. Optimus Prime14. Ironhide
4. Megatron15. Starscream
5. Sam Witcky16. Sidewipe
6. Human Allies17. Devastator
07. Bumblebee18. Skids/Mudflap
08. Barricade19. The Fallen
9. Frenzy20. Ravage
10. Blackout21. Jetfire
11. Scorponok

The print quality of the book is pretty good and has some clear and detailed images. There are very few books based on the Transformers movie, and this one seems to be out of stock. So this is a steal if you can find it or you can wait for the trilogy edition to be released. :)

The book is just so visuals that my words will never do it justice, so just see the images below.

Highly recommended book if you are a transformers fan or want to know more information about transformers. Rating 4.5

Images – Transformers Movie Universe

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