Dracopedia: A Guide to Drawing the Dragons of the World

I am a huge dragons fanatic, as I was searching for a book that would give me more information on how to create more believable dragons, I ended picking up Dracopedia and it is fantastic. Read the review below to know more.

William O Connor
Instructional / Reference

Review of Dracopedia

Dracopedia is an artists reference guide and workbook for creating, designing and visualising all types of dragons. – author

This is a 160-page hardbound book and is full of visuals, and the description and history of each dragon is very informative in understand its nature.

The book starts off with basic drawing materials and digital painting section which is now a standard practice from many instructional books. After that its dragons all the way. :)

The book is indexed down into sections that examples 13 different dragon families as listed below.

1. Amphiptere8. Drake
2. Artic Dragon9. Feydragon
3. Asian Dragon10. Hydra
4. Basilisk11. Sea Orc
5. Coatyl12. Wyrm
6. Dragon13. Wyvern
7. Dragonette

Each section is further broken down into the dragons biology, behaviour, history, and then there is a part where the artists demonstrate how to draw and paint that dragon.

The book is made in a way that, there is something in it for everyone, either u can learn how to paint, or you learn how dragons work (structurally), or you just use it as a reference guide on dragons. Either way, the content in the book is excellent.

It includes a 3 span foldout color poster in the end that has an actual size comparison of all the dragons in the book.

Highly recommended book if you want to learn about dragons, their anatomy, or just how to paint dragons. Rating 4.5

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