Terrain through GeoControl 2

I recently discovered this not so new software called geoControl which has just come out with version 2.. and has added a bunch of new features. I haven't seen everything in the software yet. especially the new isolines features, but for the general aspect of terrain generation was quite strong, Below is an examples that i rendered of the output of geoControl, very basic stuff.. made from a DEM map which i converted to terragen TER file , and then got into geocontrol2 to render, after tweaking various options inside the software i managed to get a lot of different variations.. i wish the software was more interactive on render, but right now its like u do a bunch of slider changes and then hit render, even u rotate the model. i tried 1024 resolution and was very in satisfied with the results, maybe its made for some other purpose. All the below images are with a 2048 texture/displacement resolution. which takes about 10-15 min to render. Somehow the thumbnails below look blur. Click on the images for bigger sharper previews.

GeoControl 2 Offical Website

GeoControl 2 Features