Reflecting on a Year Gone By – 2011

Yes its the last day of the year 2011 again! and once again I look back at the numerous amount of things I have witnessed, created and indulged in the entirety of the past year.

This year has been one with tremendous change maybe more combined change that I have faced in the last 5 years, but ill get to that eventually.

The Interesting Start

The year started with me buying my first android device, a Samsung Galaxy TAB, being fascinated by the idea of the android OS, I started learning how to do android application development, which is partially successful but yet not fruitful.

At work I was promoted to modelling supervisor, which drastically changed my responsibilities, brought new challenges, and showed me how little I really understand of being at a responsible position 🙂 tho i believe it really helped me improve my people skills. got a new look, till now it has been getting some good responses, tho i still believe its there yet, and i keep working on improvements, and now currently working on a new responsive webdesign for the site, so you will get to see that soon 🙂

The Mids of Change

The TAB has pretty much changed the way i use the internet, compared to being available online only when i was at home, now the tab lets me be always connected (tho it seems to have increased the stress in my daily life), i am now a more frequent user of Twitter/Facebook feed, compared to RSS (which was my previous place for reading). if your interested in being updated u can follow me @artbycrunk.

Addition to my artbook collection has been consistent, all of which are amazing inspiration and learning for me, and after being a passionate art book collector, in the mid of the year i started reviewing some of the art books, you can check them out here, i just started with a few to see the responsive, which i can now say is quite good 🙂 so you can expect a lot more book reviews to come.

The Climax in the End

In October i eventually left my earlier job to join Sparky Animation Studios as a CG-Artist, which has also given me an opportunity to relocate to Singapore, where i currently reside. So the last two months were pretty much spent adjusting to the new lifestyle, region, culture, and ethics of Singapore

John Carmack has been my biggest inspiration this year, ever since i heard about him when i was just 14, i have been inspired by him, and all his additions to the gaming society, i was in super joy when i learnt that he has recently awarded the Game Developers Conference Lifetime Achievement award… i am only inspired to work harder towards having such an amazing lifeline..

Looking Ahead!

All in all its been a year of good change, and I hope to top it in the coming year, I have lots of tutorials that are still drafts, hopefully they should be published this year, and I am working on an app that should make it to the android market in a while, looking to do some more complex things with python and also graphic shader development, so lots in store.. lots of blogging and surprises coming this year, for real this time.