Reflecting on a Year Gone By – 2010

Yes its the last day of the year 2010 and its a warm embrace for 2011 indeed as i look back at the numerous amount of things i have witnessed, created and indulged in the entirety of the past year.

Well one thing that makes me really happy this year is that i am now on the WordPress forums helping people solve issues related to WordPress, as i remember not so long ago i was just getting starting with WordPress 2.5 somewhere in 2008, it was as fascinating back then as it is now, and over the time i went digging through all the code and going though the fairly large WordPress codex, and now i am actually a consulting people on how to make their own cool WordPress powered ideas.. i also now create custom themes, and plugins for WordPress, tho i do not believe in resale (themes) so they are tailor made, some plugins are due to release sometime next month. is getting a new look, as the story goes i had made a site design a few months back, but by the end of it i kind of saw too many flaws in my own doing, this led me to make something that would be a lot more workable for a site like this, till now it has got some good responses, but i will let u decide when you see it soon enough. 🙂

I have been giving moderator status on CGTantra again, after so many years of me being busy doing other things, i finally now crawl through CGTantra in my spare time (moderating). Its been 4 long years i have filled those shoes. on the other side i have been working with the CGTantra admins to make some new improvements to the overall presentation of the site, acting on the prospects of how WordPress can fit-in for how things are currently setup.

As i said earlier, i have been working on a new site, which has made me brush up a lot more on my PHP and java, scripting and i also got into scripting in jquery which is hell a lot of fun, (its a fascinatingly simple and fun). i also started doing a lot more flex and air framework based utilities, like my augmented reality post, the air for android seems to be very interesting, and i evidently got into the beta program for it, but sadly couldn’t add much, since i actually still haven’t got my self an actual android device (Indian mobile markets work in delay).

I have now converted my ideas to the open-source world. Open-source technologies and ideas have always fascinated me ( legally and and its infectious spread ), and if it weren’t for using open-source stuff i wouldn’t learn most of the things that i am thankful for today, therefore in my pledge to give back to the community, all my crazy stuff will be released under the GNU (General Public License).

I have adopted new philosophies , some i always had others i have nurtured in me over the past year, i stand by three of them very strongly. Objectivism – the role of art in human life is to transform man’s widest metaphysical ideas, by selective reproduction of reality, into a physical form—a work of art—that he can comprehend and to which he can respond emotionally. Humanism – A secular ideology which espouses reason, ethics, and justice, whilst specifically rejecting supernatural and religious dogma as a basis of morality and decision-making. Philanthropy – is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind.

I have abudantly added to my art book and design books collection this year, all of which are amazing and a great learning for me, i wish to share these with you in the coming months.

I exchanged my Nikon D80 camera + cash for a new Nikon D90, and yeah its definitely awesome, everything from the build to the larger CCD and LCD size is helpful not to mention i get to play around with the HD video recording. it was a little sad giving the D80 away, i have amazing memories with that babe i also got a new tablet PC the Lenovo S10-3t, i was searching for it around here from like 5-6 months (Indian net-book markets also work in delay) and suddenly one day when i wasnt looking for it i found it, its light and fun, and it means i do a lot more on the go.

Matt Mullenweg has been my greatest influence this year, thank you very much and keep doing the good stuff 🙂

All in all its been a year of good change, and i hope to top it in the coming year, lots of blogging and surprises coming this year.