Playing in The Mud (Mudbox 2009)

I finally managed to get my hands on a trial version of Mudbox today morning, and decided to do some stuff so that i could see whats new, or whether it was worth the hype. Well for the first thing, it doesn't look very different from the last version other than the name Autodesk and some new tabs, well for one thing autodesk has managed to keep the same simplicity of use that the original mudbox gave, but there are still a lot of things i would like to see in it, other than going into Maya every-time u need a small change. So, after about 6hrs of doodling, here is what i came up with





  • Well, the new mudbox definitely has a speed upgrade, in both sculpting and view-port interactivity
  • my final mesh was to 7 Levels that is about 75,29,656 Polygons or 7 Million Polygons, but yet sculpting was very interactive, was getting about 37FPS in the view-port,
  • this new version of mudbox uses the power of next generation graphics cards to show real-time shadows and reflections, so it can turn your majorly slow down your machine when the use any of these fancy new options,
  • i did not seem to find a button to render the current image, that is why all the above images are screenshots 0_0.
  • One of the weird things i noticed quite late was, the saved file size, seems to be much bigger now, i wonder what all it saves, cause the last saved .mud file takes about 819MB, and i have already saved around 15files before i realized this, so today mudbox project takes around 6.5GB of HDD space for me.
  • I personally feel they could have done something better of the default shader, (the one that u see in the render) cause its really a weird shader.
  • I did not go to far out in checking all the new features, somehow i got quite irritated with a lot of missing features related to Modelling and Sculpting itself.
  • Mudbox really needs a posing solution, it quite a problem to get ur files from another software and then see it in mudbox and then suddenly u don't like it , and u need to repeat the process.

Overall it was a good thing to try something new after quite sometime, and all in a days work. :)