Marvel`s Spider-Man
God of War
Horizon Zero Dawn
Uncharted - The Lost Legacy
Uncharted 4 - A Thief`s End
Uncharted - The Nathan Drake Collection
New Desktop PC
A well balanced config for my work and bit of gaming..
Maya MEL Syntax Highlighting for Notepad++
Maya MEL Syntax Highlighting for notepad++ editor. Based on updated commands from Autodesk Maya 2013. Current Version 1.0 Installation…
Rendering Wireframe Using MentalRay ContourShader
Apart from the old method of rendering wireframes in maya through vector rendering, and rendering creased line, this one uses mentalray countour shaders
A useful little script for assigning a ToonShader or ContourShader based wire-frame to selected objects in the scene.
This useful little script basically allows you to open a crash/saved file from within maya.
Reflecting on a Year Gone By – 2011
Yes its the last day of the year 2011 again! and once again I look back at the numerous amount of things I have witnessed, created and…
Grant Morrisons 18 Days
18 days is an epic book mainly for the artwork of Mukesh Singh and especially the direction taken by Grant Morrison. I got hooked from the first 2-3 artworks, and couldn't put it down until I saw and read, everything that this book had to offer.
Transformers the Movie Universe
I am a huge transformers fan and used to watch the cartoons when I was a kid, and the movie took it to an all new level. This book is a guide to all the robots that were shown in the revenge of the fallen, just what I was looking for a very content rich book on Transformers.
Dracopedia: A Guide to Drawing the Dragons of the World
I am a huge dragons fanatic, as I was searching for a book that would give me more information on how to create more believable dragons, I ended picking up Dracopedia and it is fantastic.
Reflecting on a Year Gone By – 2010
Yes its the last day of the year 2010 and its a warm embrace for 2011 indeed as i look back at the numerous amount of things i have…
Augmented Reality - The Code
In my last post on Augmented Reality 101 , i had shown a sample of how the FLARToolkit outputs using Flash. Here i would like to share the…
Augmented Reality 101
Augmented Reality Test. Download the Marker File Here. . crunkMarker2.png Try the Demo Version (Requires a Webcam) Please give it time to…
A useful little script that builds a Menu from any folder containing various scripts.
Anti-aliasing Filters & Sampling
Background Information All CGI images are made of fundamental building blocks called pixels. a pixel is the smallest breakdown of an image…
Hi, my name is Savio Fernandes AKA Crunk and this is my home on the web and it has now morphed into what i would be if i was a computer…
Making Blendshapes (Part1 - Beginner)
This is the first part of a multi-part tutorial on blendshapes.
Mercedes Benz E-Class (2010)
Mercedes Benz E-Class (2010)
Batman : Tumbler
Spec 2.5 tons 9 feet 4 inches wide 15 feet long HOOSIER racetrack tires on front 4 Rear 44 inch SUPER SWAMPERS, a our wheel drive conversion…
Johnny Bravo
here is something ive wanted to do from a long time.. 🙂 had some spare time today in which i couldnt start anything else.. so here is…
Combine Toon Wireframe And Ambient Occlussion
People have continuously kept asking me how Ive got the effect of rendering a wireframe over the ambient occlusion. and this is what this tutorial is all about.
A useful little script for using Transfer Attributes on multiple meshes.
A useful little script for making a more Realistic Leaves Shader.
A useful little script for using GammaCorrection on File Nodes.
Creature : Drider
Alignment : Chaotic Evil Type : Aberration Driders are aberrations that were formerly dark elves (also known as drow). Aberration is a…
Codenamed – The Tank
Codenamed – Inferno
here is something I recently have been working on.. its actually gonna be a mod.. but I thought I would get something of a normal SUV first…
Koenigsegg CCX
here is another car model that has been pending from sometime is where i had last left it.. 🙂
Lamborghini Gallardo Nera
here is yet another car I was doing long time back and here is where I left it last 😛
Shelby GT500 Modded
here is again a really old model, that I really love.. it has taught me a lot about modelling cars.. and i now plan to finish it.. for…
Doodles 01
Poseidon – Spirit Lord of the Sea
A long time back greeks projected human temperament into the sea, disrespectful where their actions to the sea, but as facts state the see…
Terrain through GeoControl 2
I recently discovered this not so new software called geoControl which has just come out with version 2.. and has added a bunch of new…
A useful little script for easily converting and replacing your textures to .map files. Current Version 1.0 Just Source this script, it…
A useful little script for showing the index of blendshapes.
A useful little script for assigning a toon based wire-frame to selected objects in the scene.
Ambient Occlusion - Using mib_amb_occlusion node
A breakdown on using ambient occulsion node in maya
A useful little script for giving objects in a maya scene id numbers (miLabel).
Leading without Title
We are looking for a lot of people who have an infinite capacity to not know what cant be done - Henry Ford . Impossible is just an opinion…
Readability Testing For Bloggers
Well yesterday i just updraded my wordress and was searching for some new plugins.. there are always som intersting plugins that come in now…
Playing in The Mud (Mudbox 2009)
I finally managed to get my hands on a trial version of Mudbox today morning, and decided to do some stuff so that i could see whats new, or…
Rendering Wireframe Using ToonShader
Apart from the old method of rendering wireframes in maya through vector rendering, and rendering creased line, this one uses toonshaders
Realtime Shading with HLSL
For those who dont know what High Level Shader Language (HLSL) is a proprietary shading language made by Microsoft for use with Direct3D API.
At Arms Length
CGtantra – Modelling Challenge Winner Entry